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Writer's Block: Best video of the year

What's the best music video of 2010?

Symphonies by Dan Black ft. Kid Cudi

Writer's Block: Best song of the year

 "Higher" by Taio Cruz ft. Kylie Minogue

Star Trek fic: Enterprise Love

Title: Enterprise Love
Author: edensinclaire 

Rating: PG13
Warnings: A little OOC? Extreme sappiness?
Length: 2500~
Pairings: None, unless you count JimXEnterprise
Summary: One-shot. An intimate moment between Jim and the Enterprise as Jim contemplates how he had come to love her so damn much.
Disclaimer: The characters and starship mentioned belong to Rodenberry, CBS, Abrams and Paramount. I'm just a lowly author with too much time on her hands.
Note: This story is inspired by the TOS episode "Corbomite Maneuver." There was a scene when Jim told Bones that he's fully committed to his Enterprise and that she will always be his number one priority or somewhere along those lines. I just love the idea of him being so devoted to his ship.

Engineering Deck

Jim stared at the multiple warp cores emitting ethereal blue lights and released a sigh of contentment. He had just finished Alpha shift on the bridge, but instead of heading to his quarters and tackling his stack of paperwork, he opted to go to the engineering deck for some quiet and alone time.

Being captain of a starship, he decided, is really quite taxing. If they’re not on a dangerous life threatening missions then he would be doing endless amount of paperwork, if not that, then he would attend a boring diplomatic gathering, and if not, then he would be doing his favorite pastime: hiding from Bones and Janice. Individually, they’re scary but when you put those two together, Jim literally shits his pants in fear of their smothering tendencies. But despite all this, he still loves his job and everything that goes with it, the good, the bad and everything else in between.

The engineering deck is probably one of his favorite hiding places besides the observation deck. He could wander aimlessly for hours and never tire. If he’s having a bad day, or loses crewmembers due to another mission, this is where he goes to grieve and no one will be able to find him. It’s as if the Enterprise invites him in and holds him close to her core; similar to that of a mother’s touch. She protects him from the rest of the world when he’s most vulnerable and never reveals his secrets or weaknesses to anyone. Sometimes, if he listens closely enough he could almost hear her say in a warm, intimate yet still unfamiliar voice ‘come my child, let me ease your worries, your pain, your sadness. Shed all the tears you’ve been trying to fight and take all the time you that you need, I’ll always be here whenever you need me.’

Jim took a look around and after making sure there is no other soul besides him in the vicinity, propped his elbows in one of the railings and leaned heavily against it. He promptly closed his eyes and basks in the therapeutic hum and whir of the vibrating engines teeming with energy, his body relaxing gradually over time.

He must’ve dozed off a little because when he opened his eyes again he couldn’t remember for a moment what he was doing or where he was. His back and neck felt stiff, not to mention that his elbows felt a little numb, so he drop to the ground, leaned his back against the railings and settled for a more comfortable position.

With a fond little smile, he gazed ahead of him, seeing but not really registering in his mind what he was looking at. He had a faraway look in his eyes, similar to that of a love struck fourteen year old teenage boy, but his is probably much deeper than a petty infatuation. He loves his ship, he really does. He may travel far and wide, visit beautiful worlds and new undiscovered planets; but at the end of the day, he’ll always seek out the Enterprise’s warm embrace. Earth is his planet of origin; he can’t change that, but the Enterprise will always be his home.

With a sad smile, Jim visited his memories of how he had come to love this lady.

When he was a child, he often wondered why his mother never stayed long enough on Earth. He supposed it’s because she felt closer to his dead father out there in space, he didn’t really hate her for leaving him all the time because in a way, he sort of understood. His parents were madly in love, they were soul mates; he couldn’t really bring himself to be angry with her.

Late at night he would sneak out of the house and just run in the wide open fields Iowa has to offer; one of the advantages of not living in the city is that he could see the cosmic wonders visibly in the clear night sky, unmarred by light pollution.

Contrary to popular belief, Pike wasn’t the only one who dared him to do better; he wasn’t the first one to dare him to do better. All those nights long ago, he was so young when the stars, like a siren’s voice called to him. Million points of light against the black void of backdrop, taunted him, haunted him, enticed him with their brilliance.

It went on like that for years; he would seek out the stars’ presence in the middle of the night. And they—as always—would leave him breathless, but, as beautiful as they were; they were also painfully cruel. They provoked him, challenged him, dared him to stake his claim on them because they somehow knew that he’s restless and had no intention of staying earthbound for so long. He reaches out for them; he’s so close yet so far, frustration radiating from his very being as he cried out ‘how, how can I go up there? I want to—but I can’t!’ He couldn’t. Remnants of his father’s presence and legend will overshadow him if he did. So he abated the call of the stars for a little while longer.

The second dare arrived during his junior year in high school, and it came in the form of a Starfleet proposal. He was reading the digitalized version of the morning papers in his PADD when he came across it. The little piece of article says that Starfleet had bought many acres of land somewhere in Riverside and had asked the city’s planning department to oversee their plans for that parcel of land and hopefully have the city council approve of said plans. Details will be presented before the council members in the next city council meeting, and since the meeting was open to the public Jim attended out of curiosity, what would Starfleet want with a humdrum state like Iowa anyways, much less a humdrum town like Riverside?

He was surprised to learn that Starfleet wants to utilize the land for the construction of a new starship; unfortunately, Starfleet refused to disclose any more details besides what is necessary. But for a genius like Jim, it didn’t take long to hack into the city’s mainframe computer and search the database for any information pertaining to the new project.

And so, every day after school, he would go to the shipyard and just watch, watch as the ship evolved before his very eyes. He had watched her grow and had seen her in all her stages of development that he almost begun calling her his ship. And just like the stars, she was demanding; she dared him to assert himself as her rightful owner ‘come boy, think you can handle me?’ He wanted to. He desperately wanted to prove himself to her that if there is anyone out there who can rein her in, it would be him and no one else.

At night, he would drive to the shipyard and simply watch the night sky alongside the Enterprise. It’s become to be quite a routine actually, almost like a date; as silly as that sounds. He would look at the wide expanse of stars and then take little glances at the Enterprise, and he would whisper to her softly ‘maybe someday we’ll see each other up there huh girl?’ too afraid to make any promises he’s not sure he’ll be able to follow.

Sometimes he wondered if he was a masochist in disguise because he knew that loving the stars and the Enterprise pains him greatly, especially the latter. Both their company proved to be quite overwhelming for him; the onslaught of feelings of disappointment and uselessness rendered him weeping helplessly. But try as he might he couldn’t resist their pull; so he kept coming back and left aching and feeling empty.

The third dare came in the form of Christopher Pike. And that dare… was the dare that finally broke the camel’s back. When Pike asked him to enlist in Starfleet and to do better than his father, he feigned indifference and distaste for anything involving said institution and his father. But in truth, he had to drink alcohol just to keep his body from trembling with want and desire to jump up and scream at Pike that he accepts and that he will do more than just ‘do better’ than his father. He will fucking outshine him in any way possible. There, he had made up his mind.

And if there are fools out there who chooses to liken him to his father, well then. He’ll just have to take everything they throw at him in stride and throw it back at them with such force enough to send them careening over the edge of the solar system’s heliosphere.

But before he leaves Iowa, he needed to say goodbye to his girl, needs to spend one last moment with the Enterprise. So he went to her in the early hours of the morning, before the sun made its presence known, before the annoying recruits’ arrival, before the noises of working personnel interrupts their time together, before he began his new life in Starfleet and end his old life with her, if only temporary.

She looked so grand and magnificent that he wondered how she’ll look once she’s soaring through space, her natural habitat. Then he told her everything that happened the night before and how he had come to the decision of joining Starfleet. He told her everything he wanted to say all those years ago but never had the courage or the strength to do so.

‘I’ll be leaving for a while, but it’s only temporary’

‘Wait for me okay girl? I’ll come back to you’

‘I’ll work hard till I’m strong enough to face you once again’

‘Goodbye…I’ll miss you…until we meet again’

He said those things to her with the words I promise left unsaid because he knows she already understood him. Then he promised himself that he’ll work hard to finish his studies earlier in no more than three years, hoping it’ll raise his chances of being with her again.

James T. Kirk does not make promises lightly. And he had every pure and genuine intention of following through everything he had said that day.

And throughout his Academy days; she became his main incentive, his goal and all the motivation that he ever needed.

The thought of her is enough to keep him in line and stay out of trouble. He passed all his classes with flying colors, left his teachers baffled and questioning their own intelligence, he was at the top of his class and it was all because of her.

Three years later…

When he saw her once again at the space dock, it took all of his self control not to tear up at the sight of her. Even under the effects of multiple drugs (courtesy of Bones), it’s not enough to stop him from admiring her beauty.

She had kept her end of the deal; she was finished, ready and waiting patiently for him.

She’s graceful, elegant and absolutely stunning; the perfect embodiment of Aphrodite. And he knew immediately that they both belonged up there with the diamonds of the skies. They’ll thrive out here in space and shine brighter than any sun in the galaxy.

When all is said and done and after defeating Nero, when it seems like imminent death is staring at them from the depths of that back hole, something, somewhere in the back of his mind tells him everything is going to be alright and they’re going to make it out okay.

And that’s all the reassurance he needed; after quelling his fear and getting his bearings together, he ordered for Scotty to “give it all she’s got” and more. He has put all of his blind faith and trust into the Enterprise even though he had only been acquainted with her for such a short amount of time. He felt proud of her­­—and he still does— because if there is any starship out there that can resist the gravitational forces of a black hole and produce an escape velocity greater than that of the speed of light, it’s his Enterprise. She is beyond the laws of nature; she’s a phenomenon…a miracle.

And if he heard a soft whisper of ‘don’t worry, leave everything up to me,’ well, let’s just say he didn’t say anything about it.

Jim was brought out of his musings by the sound of his chronometer, indicating it is now time for him to head up to his quarters and start on that paperwork unless he wants to once again, get his head chopped off by his First Officer; because procrastinating is highly illogical. Jim winced at the memory; Spock can be terrifying if he wants too despite his cool and collected demeanor.

He made a move to stand up and stretched his stiff limbs, but before heading out, he took look around and put both his hands on the railing. Then out of nowhere, he said in a sotto voce “you’re a beautiful dream manifesting my reality you know.” He ducked and shook his head at that letting out a delightful laugh “look at me, two years into our voyage and I’m still undeniably in love with you.”

“Thanks for making me a better person, for protecting me and my crew, for waiting for me…thanks for everything,” and Jim felt his girl hum to him in reply making her approval known. Jim smiled shyly, an action not many people have seen him do. Behind all his confident façade and male bravado, he always felt small and timid around her. The fact that she chose him over anyone else is truly humbling but he also can’t help but feel a little smug about that.

He looked up and turned to the direction of the turbolift.

Once inside and before the door closes, he whispered “see you later girl…”

‘and I will be waiting, Jim…’

Star Trek fic: Shuttlecraft Incident

Title: Shuttlecraft Incident
Author: edensinclaire 

Universe: Reboot
Rating: PG13
Length: 2125
Warnings: Jim's potty mouth
Pairings: None
Summary: One Shot. Jim plus boredom, multiply by a phaser, equals disaster. Academy Fic.
Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING (with the exception of the laptop with which I typed this on)

A violent explosion followed by several terrified shrieks shook through the Academy's hangar where all the shuttlecrafts are kept.

That day, cadets were suppose to board the shuttlecrafts to participate in some of the training cruises and were being debriefed by their instructors when said explosion interrupted everything.

Heads turned to the source of the commotion only to find the one and only James T. Kirk being led by the collar of his Starfleet red by his instructor, who looks more than ready to strangle the young man if only the federation law would allow it.

Silence befell the people as they watched the spectacle of Jim twisting and turning at odd angles trying to escape his instructor. His attempts proved to be futile seeing as several security personnel stepped up to help restrain him. It would have been hilarious if the situation wasn't that serious.

"I swear to god, it wasn't just my fault!" was all they heard from the cadet before he was manhandled towards the exit.

Once it was sure that he was out of the hangar, an engineer officer made an announcement to cancel all training cruises in favor of closing the hangar for a few days so that they may reassess the damages done. Apparently, cadet Kirk had managed to blow up one of shuttlecrafts and damaged another two more near its vicinity.

Five hours, three damage reports, a screaming fest from the admirals, one visit to the medical facilities, another screaming fest from Bones and one request for cadet suspension later…

"What the hell were you thinking!" yelled captain Pike, he was pacing back and forth in his office reprimanding a now sulking Jim sitting in front of him.

Jim just shrugged his shoulders looking at the floor, refusing to look Pike in the eyes.

Pike let out an audible sigh and said "You know for a genius, you get yourself in some pretty idiotic situation. Now, will you tell me why and how did you demolish that poor, unsuspecting shuttlecraft? I heard there was barely anything left of it besides a few scraps of metal."

A small mischievous smile adorned Jim's face at the memory of the explosion, Pike raised an eyebrow at this "what? You find this amusing Jim?"

Jim shook his head no but the smile still remained. "No sir, my instructor was ..."

"Come again cadet? I didn't quite hear that last part"

Jim finally relented and looked him in the eye "I said, no sir, my instructor was debriefing us on standard protocol, safety procedures and the purpose of our assignment, all of which I am more than familiar. I see no relevance in their insistence of reiterating instructions they have already covered not a mere two days ago."

Pike can only blink in surprise "Jim, not all cadets are in the same level as you, they don't possess an eidetic memor—whoa, whoa wait, back up, are you trying to tell me that you blew up that craft because you were bored?"

The smile returned "well that wasn't exactly the plan but that's what pretty much happened."

"Jim…" Pike lowered his head and brought both his hands up to his temple trying and failing to suppress the oncoming migraine. "the repairs will cost millions of credits, not to mention that we have to postpone training cruises for the duration of the repairs. Your recklessness and negligence is going to cost us money and a delay in our schedule."

Then Pike realized that Jim didn't answer his other question "wait, how did the craft explode anyways?" he asked, already fearing the answer.


Pike was confused "A phaser blast is not enough to cause a shuttlecraft to explode"

For once, Jim looked a bit sheepish. He was scratching the back of his neck as an obvious sign of nervousness "Well, not a simple blast but…"

Pike's eyes widen as realization hit him "That was an overloading phaser wasn't it?"

A nod of the head was the only confirmation he needed.

"Jim! How can you be so stupid? There were people around you! What would you have done if you or anyone of them got hurt, which luckily they didn't, and how did you even manage to get a hold of a phaser-."

"Hey! I said it wasn't entirely my fault! Yes, I took the phaser from the artillery department's armory before I went to the hangar but that's only because I was planning on trying to recalibrate the damn thing. It's to make it so that instead of emitting only bolts of energy, the gun would generate steady streams of energy. If you don't believe me, I have some blueprints but they're in my dorm." Jim huffed in annoyance, crossed his arms and pouted in a 'manly way.'

Pike have to give it to Jim, his idea was impressive, unfortunately, it still doesn't explain the destroyed shuttlecraft, "Jim, you do realize cadets don't have access to the armory right?"

He only got a raised eyebrow and an exasperated look that says 'So? What's your point?'

Pike sighed a second time since the start of their conversation, how does McCoy deal with all this shit? He thought. "Alright then, so what happened next?"

"Well, like I said, the instructor was literally boring me to death. So I discreetly pulled the phaser out, I was at the back of the line so I thought no one will notice, I started examining the thing right? To you know, familiarize myself with the structure of the gun."

Pike urged him to go on.

Jim only glared "Okay, so anyways, I carefully disengaged the power system's safety lock. I know, I know, it was dangerous, but I was only gonna do it for a few seconds so that the energy won't backfire from the prefire chamber to the power cells. But, a couple of asshats from my class must've seen what I was doing cause they grab the thing before I can affix the safeties back."

Jim was starting to sound near hysterical as he rushed through his explanation and gestured wildly with his hands "so, the idiots thought it would be a f-u-u-cking brilliant idea to play hot potato with a goddamn overloading phaser! I tried catching the thing; we created quite a ruckus cause our instructor was making his way towards us, when the two fucktards noticed, they gave me back the phaser but it was already too late."

Jim took a deep breath before continuining "Then, I noticed that the sliding panel of the shuttlecraft we were suppose to board was open, so I had to make a split second decision. Either I risk getting all of us blown up in the face or I risk destroying the craft by putting the gun inside the enclosed space to mitigate the intensity of the explosion, which is what I did. At first, I thought it was kinda funny and somehow messed up in a way, but that was only because I was partially mesmerized by the explosion" Jim admitted in a defeated voice.

Pike looked at Jim like he started growing extra limbs right before his eyes "You thought it was funny?"

Jim ducked his head but replied nonetheless "yeah but hey at least I sobered up once the rush of adrenaline ebbed and my instructor started to kindly escort me out the hangar."

Now it was Pike's turn to get hysterical "Jim! Do you realize how lucky you are that the admiralty is only considering your pending suspension? If you were any other cadet you would've been expelled by now. Honestly, you invite enough trouble to last us all a lifetime, and it's only been a year and a half since I recruited you!"

Jim laughed somewhat bitterly "If I was any other cadet? Yeah…they're probably just keeping the screw-up around cause they feel indebted to his dead, heroic father."

Chris' gaze softens at the young man in front of him, and then proceeded to sit down on the next chair available "Jim, look at me" when sparkling blue eyes met him he continued "you know that's not what I mean right? Believe it or not, we're not actually keeping you here because of your father. Much to their annoyance, the admiralty knows you'll be a great asset to Starfleet one day. They may not like your cocky and 'know-it-all' attitude, but they can't really do anything about it because your intelligence and skills are more than capable of backing up your claims."

This earned him a genuine smile from Jim, then said man just had to ruin it by saying "Why captain, did you just complimented me? But yes, of course you're right, I'm just that awesome huh?"

Pike face palmed "Yes Jim, I agree, you are that awesome; but can you at least try to be serious for once? I'm counting on you and I don't want to see you ruin your chance just because you have all the symptoms of a person with ADHD."

Jim looked indignant "Did you just crack a joke? Cause I thought we were being serious here for a moment. ADHD my ass! As if I haven't been hearing enough of that from Bones and now, you too?"

They stared at each other for a minute before bursting out in fits of laughter, "Hey Pike, remember admiral Komack when he was yelling at me earlier? He was sputtering in gibberish and he looked like an over inflated balloon just about ready to fuckin' burst! Even the other admirals looked worried."

They laughed even harder at the memory, but Pike knew it was probably a bad idea to laugh at a superior officer who can demote you to ensign rank with a snap of a finger.

When they finally got their bearings together, Pike looked at Jim once more and asked "Can you at least promise me you'll behave after this incident?"

Jim looked contemplative "well, I'll try but I can't guarantee anything."

Pike sighed for the third time "Jim, you're a student, a cadet. What you should be doing is cramming for exams, worrying, or studying really hard. You know, act like a normal student. You can't afford to be eccentric right now; you don't have any authority yet. Trust me on this, once you become a captain or commodore or admiral, then you can be as outlandish as much as you want."

Jim seems to consider this then stood up and headed to the door. But before he left he turned around once last time, a smile gracing his face "Old man, you should know better than to expect anything pertaining to my existence will be within parameters of what most would consider the norm."

Pike rolled his eyes and can't help but silently agree. Then a horrified look crossed his face as he finally registered what Jim had called him a moment ago.

"Hey! I am not that old!" he yelled after the slightly ajar door.

The sound of whistling down the corridor was the only reply he got for his efforts.


The irrefutable truth about vampires

Okay, so I don't even know why I'm writing this here but whatever. I reckon I'm just going to post this up as a reminder for myself.

What with all the riot about twilight, this idea for a plot of  a vampire story has been nagging me for quite sometime.
I'm not very fond of twilight, have anyone noticed it practically have the same plot as any other vampire books out there? You know, where that devestatingly handsome vampire falls in love (or in lust) with an ordinary human whose personality is the exact equivalent of a rock's??? This is why I'm also looking for books that has a little bit of originality than those books similar to twilight, they bore me to death!!! They're like magnets for hormonal, sex-driven teenagers. I've always loved Bram Stoker's Dracula, Anne Rice's novels, and lately I've been reading Darren Shan, although the author's writing skills may be lacking, he certainly makes up for it with his original ideas. So I'm looking for books similar to those. Any suggestions?

Anyways, I digress. I have this idea for a plot and I just felt the itch to write it down, otherwise I'd go bonkers! It's been floating around my head and it's annoying! And the worst part is I'm stuck! I don't know how to finish the story so yeah, sucks to be me...
So here goes nothing (seriously).

The story starts off with an ordinary 19 yr. old guy. And just like me, he was extremely annoyed with books like twilight. So he decides to write a book or a guide to understanding the true nature of the living dead. He tried to be as creative as possible, he comes up with outrageous ideas pertaining to different aspects of a vampire. It all ranges from transformation (blood rite), eating habits, physical appearance, lifestyle, life span, moral/ethics, death etc. etc.. Now all these idea are his' and unfortunately he doesn't know where he got these ideas from, it's like instinct, and it's going to cost him trouble in the near future. He called his book "The irrefutable truth about vampires," I know I'm still working on that.

He got his book published and it gained a lot of attention because it's like no other vampire books. It was original and fresh, but at the same time some vampire fans aren't very welcoming to his ideas because, he practically dissed (indirectly) some other books or something like that, whatever. He doesn't really care, he just thought it was all for fun, after all, he got to be creative, he got paid for it and he even made appearances on several talk shows on t.v. so life is good right? wrong!

In one particular interview of him, a reporter asked (and she was just kidding when she said this) : "Where did you acquire so much knowledge about vampires? is it because you are one?"
So the guy went along with it and replied with a: "yeah I am! I am disclosing all this information about my race, so there would no longer be any confusion regarding my people. Humans have so many misconceptions about us, it's truly insulting not to mention annoying."
Then the reporter said "but you also gave out information on how to kill vampires or what can cause their death, do you expect us to exterminate your kind?"
The guy contemplated for a bit "Well, I only put that because it really bothers me that people think that just because we age far slower than you, we are indestructable. Remember; immortality does not come with invincibility. We are still susceptible to death no matter what, nothing lasts forever you know" he said. Then he and the reporter started laughing at their ridiculousness.

Then a few days after the interview, as the guy was coming home to his apartment, he checked his mailbox and found a single letter inside. When he opened it, inside was a card. It was plain and simple, and it bears the message: 'I will arrive tomorrow an hour after sunset, see to it that you are prepaired.'
The guy doesn't know who it was from, there was no return address or anything of the sort. So he decided to humour his mysterious guest, he thinks it was probaly some random crazy fan or hater of his book.

It was neither, his guest was this really gorgeus but really intimidating and menacing looking guy. He looked approximately 4-6 yrs older than the author

The 'visitor' asked if he could come in, and although the author was hesitant, he invited him cause he was bored and had nothing better to do. Apparently the visitor didn't like beating around the bush and flat out told him that he was  a real vampire and had come to warn him about the imminent danger that will befall the author. Of course the author didn't buy it and asked the guy to prove that he was a vampire. So the vampire did, and after the author finally got his bearings together he asked what the vampire wants to warn him about.

The vampire told him that their secret world do exist and how some vampires are mortified with the publication of the book. The book was strangely accurate; the vampires are baffled by the fact that a simple human  wrote about them without gaining the knowledge first. In the past few centuries, no human had ever come so close as the author did to revealing the truth about them. So they planned on sending someone to interrogate him and instill fear in him so that he may reveal who gave him those information.

The author's 'visitor' volunteered to go; he has some ulterior motive for going (but that's for some other back story). The 'visitor' seems to be very agitated with his answers throughout the interrogation. He wasn't mad at the author, but it seems like he was mad at something else. The author answered truthfully by saying all those information just came up in his head  and that it seems like he knew about all those things without anyone's assistance, vampire or otherwise.

Then the visitor told him about how his 'comunity' feels about the book. Some 'free-thinking vampires' found it comical and actually loves it because it sets things straight concerning vampires, some are apathetic about the situation, but some are hostile, they think it's a breach of privacy or peace. In the book, the kid explained that vampires actually looks out for the well-being of humans and doesn't want to harm them so they remain hidden. But now, how are they suppose to stay hidden with this book spreading around like the plague!?!?! it was one big clusterfuck. The kid's intention was to clear the vampires of their bad reputation, he wanted to straighten out people's shallow and erroneous conceptions about them  but by doing so, he had also unintentionally revealed the possibility of their existence.

So the visitor warned the author to be absolutely careful cause their are vampires out their who will be more than willing to get rid of him if he proved to be detrimental to their peaceful existence. The visitor also told him that he received orders from his higher-ups to help and defend him if needed be.

So basically this is where I am so far. Please don't steal this plot, this is just a summary. What I have in my head is far more detailed than this so yeah...

Some of the ideas for this story are from anne rice and darren shan novels and this one vampire story (i forgot the title and author).
I also have several outlines on what the the kid would've written in his book. I feel silly but I actually wrote some things about vampires or at least what I think is the truth about them.